5 tips to have a fit body for MES
6th Mar 2017

Fitness is an absolute necessity for every performer, especially when their art requires loads of physical strain. Dancing is varied and has many forms and they all require the performer to be fit. Likewise, acting requires fitness as well as looking presentable attractive are key for an actor/actress. Effective exercise and diet builds strength, stamina, gives you that perfect look and confidence, on and off the stage.

With Max Emerging Star just around the corner, we have 5 tips to help you stay fit for the big thing.

1) Diet

Remember, do not cut your food drastically or skip meals. This can lead to an ill-prepared body. You need your strength and it comes from eating right. Make sure you time your meals according to your fitness schedule.

Stay away from processed food and eat fresh. Fruits, vegetables and a sufficient amount of protein will help you a lot. And, don’t forget to drink lots of water, as it will keep your muscles hydrated and healthy.

2) The Right Work out

Choose your workout carefully. It will depend on your choice of performance. Ideally, exercise that will help you build strength should be priority, followed by flexibility. Planking and squats will give you a strong core and strengthen your leg muscles. That is essential for a dancer!

Actors should also pay attention to exercise that will help them look their best. If going for a slim look, lots of reps or mixed sets will do the trick. Planning to look bulky to show off your muscles, go with heavy weights, but as much as you can handle. You will not grow loads of muscles in one night.

3) Yoga

This one is a strong suggestion for all! Yoga techniques can be invaluable for performers. It will help you gain mental awareness and discipline. Yoga develops body awareness and control and also assists in rejuvenating the skin, which is quite essential for performers. You need that natural glowing skin, don’t you? Yoga is an effective exercise that is essential for strong and flexible limbs. Performers will need this a lot. The breathing techniques will help calm you down.

4) Stress relief is primary

The entire workout and the audition stress can take a toll on people. Look after your self. Engage in something that calms you down. Spend time with friends and family to take a break from your hectic schedule. Meditation can also help you. Once you are mentally fit it reflects positively on your body as well. 

Stress can also lead to weight loss and weakness. Don’t let it consume you.

5) Recovery

Rest is as important to fitness as workout and diet. You need a recovery process after every exercise session. At Max Emerging Star, your alertness and enthusiasm is also being judged and this is one thing that is the hardest to fake. The only way to achieve this is to rest. Also, when you are resting you body heals from all you have put it through. Hence, take your rest into serious consideration. Take your eight-hour beauty sleep and all will be fine.

To sum it all up…

Your fitness is not just your workout, but a well planned combination of diet, exercise, stress relief and rest. If you get all that done correctly, half the battle is already won. Follow these steps and get yourself ready to shine at the Max Emerging Star.