Body language tips to leave an impression
6th Mar 2017

Your body has a language of it’s own. Yes, that is true! You may speak positively or even be absolutely funny, but if your body language does not support that, your efforts might go to waste.

At the Max Emerging Star auditions, you body language plays a big role. So big, that it is one major condition you will be judged on. But no sweat!

Since we know body language is important, we bring you some effective tips that will help you exhibit yourself better.

Smile, your audition depends on it

Smiling is one of the most positive attributes. It makes you look attractive and confident. Smiling also has a positive effect on your health. How? Smiling slows down your heat rate and relaxes your mind and body by reducing stress hormones. This will be very useful when you get a panic attack before your audition. Smiling will also help you increase productivity and help you perform tasks better. It can also trick your brain into feeling happy when you are down. Plus, when you step out in front of the judges, greeting them with a smile will do no harm.

Posture is important

A good posture is very important and can help you exhibit your confidence. Start by sitting back straight and don’t slouch. It’s bad, even for your health. Also, at the Max Emerging Star audition, a slouched back can give off the impression that you are not interested or alert. So, every time you sit, make sure your back is rested against the back of the chair, your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are bended at a right angle. Now that’s the perfect position.

This will help you when you are standing as well. Also, when you stand, arch your back till you are comfortable, get your chest out and feel the confidence flowing through you. Such a posture will truly help display a confident character.

Show you are interested

Just staring black at the judges can make them feel that you are lost or scared or just weird. Express some emotions. Try nodding from time to time, like a yes or a no. Again, smile or a small giggle can help even. Maybe wave a hello to all the judges when you go up for your auditions.

Try practising this with friends or family, or maybe in front of the mirror. Observe others around you, how they behave, it can help you pick up a few things.

Remember your arms and legs

Crossing your arms is never a good sign! It can make people believe that you are defensive, uncomfortable and closed off. Having your hands behind your back can give out a sense that you are bored or even angry.

Stand upright and keep your hands visible. Try keeping them by your side and try not to twist or cross your legs.

Do not fidget

Fidgeting shows lack of confidence in a person. Things like twirling your hair, shaking your foot, or biting your nails, is an obvious sign of anxiety and nervousness. These nervous movements draw attention away from what you’re saying and can distract the judges.

Avoid touching your face or neck, which also indicates you feel anxious. Fidgeting sends the message loud and clear that you aren’t confident. Max Emerging Star is your big break; make sure you keep these points in mind.

Make the right eye contact

A proper eye contact can show that you are truthful, engaging and confident, some qualities the judges will look for at the Max Emerging Star. However, too much eye contact can send a negative message.

Try and move your look from time to time. Look at all the judges and not just one, unless someone is talking to you, because that is rude! Relax your eyes and yourself.


Max Emerging Star is your big milestone and for that you have to tighten all loose ends. You may think confidently, or even speak clearly, but your body language needs equal attention. It is the first thing judges will notice and can create an amazing first impression. Perfect it!