Dubsmash like a pro - Tricks that you probably didn't know!
6th Mar 2017

For all those who are taking the Max Emerging Star Dubsmash Challenge, remember, it is not as simple as it looks. You might think your dubsmash is perfect but when it’s being judged it’s better if you tighten the loose ends.

Look what we have got for you! Some quick ways to perfect your Dubsmash contest.

A little background

Make sure your background is sorted. The last thing you want in an unwanted blunder, something that can turn your dubsmash into a laughing stock for the wrong reasons. Always choose a neutral background that does not steal the attention from you!

Pick the right the Look 

Your looks add a lot of plus points to your dubsmash. The best way to do that is to take a selfie and check how you look. As this would be very similar to how you would look in your video. Decide on a good hairstyle that will help your appearance and the same goes for your outfit. Make sure you have that mastered. 

The technical stuff

Use bright lighting, but not too bring as it can cause a glare. All your effort for the video should not diminish just because your lighting was bad.

Make sure the camera is kept at a proper distance from where you are. Also, check the angle. A weird angle can take the focus away from you. Maybe ask someone else to hold the camera for you if needed.

If you have a co-partner in your dubsmash, make sure it’s you who steal the show. Your participation, your dubsmash! Keep the dialogue or song for yourself.

Practice makes it perfect

Before you get on with your video, make sure you practice it. Even the slightest slip in lip sync can ruin your effort. This will also help build confidence and then, you can work on the expression better.

Don’t give up and keep trying, you will get it right eventually.

Express yourself

The wrong expression can ruin your video big time! Justify your emotions, maybe visit the actual scene or song video and see what the characters have done. It will help you understand the expressions better. Bring out the true performer in you, don’t hold back and give it everything. Worst case, you can always record another one.

Count your pauses

Many audios have pauses and they can be very tricky. And getting them right can be very irritating as well. Here’s how you can overcome that. Count! Yes, use numbers and time your pauses. Say, you have one dialogue and then a pause for 2 counts and then the other dialogue begins, just count to two and that will be your cue. This will really help you match the lip sync.

Save your attempts

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. But sometimes, a previous mistake is not as bad as the new one. Let’s make it simple, say you have recorded trial no. 1 and then trial no. 2. Sometimes 1 was a better video then 2 and you could use it as your participating video or as a reference to make the next one better. This way you will also have options to choose from or ask others to judge before you upload.

Inspiration matters

Everyone needs to be inspired. Inspiration helps you deliver better at times. You can also call it research. Get on the social platforms and check out top Dubsmashers. Take a look at the content they put out and learn from it. There’s a reason they are famous, find it. It’s good to be original, but there’s no harm in getting inspired, right?

So this is it! The tips and tricks to Dubsmash like a pro. Understand them and put them to good use. The Max Emerging Star Dubsmash Challenge awaits your one-of-a-kind Dubsmash, so get on with it at