How to calm your nerves for an audition
21st Mar 2017

The Max Emerging Star auditions are coming up, Are you nervous? Relax! We have all been there at some point in life. Waiting for the audition to begin and praying that we don’t mess it up. Maybe, imagining a blunder on stage or not being good enough for the judges.

Don’t worry. Everyone gets nervous, especially when the audition is a big deal. And there are ways to fight this nervousness and that is exactly what we have for you.

Have a playlist ready

Keep your favourite songs handy. Music that you love can help calm you down. It has worked loads of times. Start playing it when you leave home and listen to it until it’s your turn to audition. It will keep you mind distracted and entertained.

10 deep breaths should help

Breathing helps in calm you down, really. Even in yoga, breathing exercises hold a lot of importance. It’s natural and effective. Close your eyes, inhale and hold for few seconds and then exhale. While you do this, repeat a message to yourself. It could be anything like, “you can do it” or “it will all be fine”. Don’t worry about people around you, just do this.


Good preparation always keeps you at ease. It builds confidence because you know you have done what is needed. So before you head out to your audition, practice your words and body language thoroughly. Try practicing it in front of the mirror and loudly.

Visualise the audition

This one can make you ease the element of surprise. You may not be able to visualise how the audition will be exactly, but you will be able to get the basics right. Try practicing as if the judges are there. Make a general image in your head about what it would be like at the audition. You already know who the judges are, so imagine them and how they would speak.

Be confident

This one can be the hardest to crack, but if you do it, you have aced. Have a confident body language. Smile, laugh even, stand straight, don’t slouch and speak boldly. The judges will know that you are nervous, but they will admire that you can calm your nerves.

Not just to what the judges say but also to their body language. It will keep your mind focused as well. Look at how they behave and behave accordingly. If they are quick at questions, answer to the point. If they are at ease and joking around, try to laugh with them or keep your answers conversational. Starting the audition on a positive note can really help you clam your nerves.

Finally remember, we all get nervous and we all learn to overcome it. It is a part of life, but since Max Emerging Star is your big shot at fame, we wanted you to learn some quick tips to help you better. Try these out and hopefully, you’ll be alright.