Qualities of a true emerging star
31st Mar 2017

Becoming the Max Emerging star is a big milestone, yes! But living all of the success that comes with it needs to be handled properly.

People will look at you and even look up to you and you need to set standards for that. You need the right set of qualities that will define you as a true emerging star.

No need to worry, we have you covered. Here are some basics that will help you handle success like a true star.

A star does not boast

As much as you would want to parade your success around, a more mature way is to not boast about it. If you really want to share it with someone, close friends and relatives are just about enough. A simple post on social media will do but making it a weeklong series can come off as childish. Live the experience and wait for fame. Don’t go around pushing it in people’s faces. Let the news come to people originally because that will be more impactful. The best feeling is when someone comes up to you and congratulates you. And not when you put them in the spot to do so. If you are looking to have a fan base in the future, let them see you as someone who is in control and not as an immature individual.

A star keeps a promise

Many stars stray away from promises on achieving stardom and in the process become unreliable. Don’t make that mistake. If you have promised to do something after winning the Max Emerging Star, deliver it. That will speak a lot about you. Any person who keeps a promise is considered of good character.

Over everything else, the people who were there with you during your struggle will be very generous when talking about you as a person. Keep up with your promises and the things they say about you will mostly be positive.

A star learns from failures

Failures may not be a good thing to mull over, but they are great teachers. Remembering them from time to time will help you make decisions for the future.

Your failures will also keep you humble and remind you of the time before success. Feeling excited after success is natural, but people also digress away from goals and treat life like a party. That’s the road you don’t want to take.

Your time before success was when you worked hard to achieve your goals. To continue doing that, you need to keep reminding yourself that success is variable but your dedication can be constant.

Your failures will help you sustain your success.

A star is open to sharing

If you want to spend success by yourself, you are sure to end up lonely when it is gone. Be generous with friends and family. Take them out for a treat and spend quality time with them. Let them know you haven’t forgotten them. Somewhere down the road to success, they were there for you, with you. Be grateful.

Share your expertise with those who need it. You won’t run out of knowledge, you can always get more. Be helpful and mentor those who follow in your steps. That is also a kind of learning you will gain in this process.

Don’t be just a lonely star, have your cluster with you.

A star does not give in to jealousy

Jealousy can ruin people. So you are the Max Emerging Star, yay! You are successful, well done! But, there’s always someone who is better. Deal with it! Fine, jealousy is natural, but learn to control it. Don’t let it consume you. It can make you lose focus and fail.

A better way to deal with it is to learn from those who are better. How did they get where they are? What did they do in the process? Maybe make friends with them. Successful contacts can help you progress. Don’t become them but instead, make something different out of your talent.

Turn jealousy into a drive to achieve better.

A star can handle haters

Last but essential! There’s always going to be people who are critical and unhappy with your success. So what?

Now, you can either fight back or get smart. The latter is usually a better choice. Understand what they are saying. Their criticism may be valid and if not, just avoid it in a positive way.

They will try to stain your name and you have to protect it and sometimes the best way is to be polite. Ignore it if necessary.

Understand this, you cannot make everyone happy in life.

A star does whatever it takes

Success has come to you after a lot of work. You have done everything you could to achieve it. Put in the same amount of efforts to keep it going. You control your success, so steer it well and it will take you towards more greatness.