Reason why MES is the next big thing to look for
24th Feb 2017

The big dream

Imagine the sound of cheer and claps and the warmth of the spotlight. Your name yelled by hundreds or may be thousands who have waited in queue for hours, just to see a glimpse of you as you walk past them, waving. If you can imagine that, you have the dream to be a star.

Remember looking into the mirror and speaking a dialogue from your favourite film or mimicking your beloved actor, and your first dance performance at school. How exciting was that? It all begins from there for many in this world.

From thereon, some forget about it, but there are those who get lost in its spell and fame becomes their purpose. Nothing else matters or gets even close. Acting lessons, practicing at home, dance classes, styling sessions, grooming, work out and the list goes on. Anything it takes to become so perfect that it gets them straight to stardom.

The road is rough

You just wish it were so simple right? Sadly for many it’s not! Showbiz is tough and the competition is killing. Everyone is waiting in line for that one chance to make it big. Then why doesn’t it happen? Oh, there are so many answers for that and they all lead to one general conclusion. There’s always something missing.

Maybe it’s your skills, bad training, body language, attitude, fitness, or not knowing where to begin. Even the right exposure is an issue. There are loads of false promise makers in showbiz and they are very convincing.

This is where the right opportunity makes all the difference. That wonderful place, where all the loose ends tighten and your dream just flows smooth towards reality. This is where you should head.

The doorway to your desire

Does such a wonderland exist? Of course it does. It is the chance that gives you a stage to shine. It allows you to perform your best and prepares you for it. Here, you have already gained more than you brought, even before you step out in front of an audience. Max is that wonderland!

Max has recognized, encouraged and showcased talent to a nation wide audience. They have given skilled individuals an arena to sharpen their skills and test their abilities with the right competition. All, so they can surface as ‘real star material’ and take the next step towards nourishing and improving their craft.

One such individual is Laveena Keswani. Laveena, while sharing her experience said, “Max has opened doors to many opportunities for me”. Max has also helped Chirag Saluja to realise his dream. He happily expressed that, “Watching my posters all over Indore, my home town, gives me an amazing feeling”.

Now, Max brings to the nation another platform for aspiring performers – Max Emerging Star. It allows actors and dancers to present their abilities to an audience across the country.  

However, this is all incomplete without the right mentoring.

Mentors make a difference

The greatest actors or dancers you inspire to be have had a mentor who took them from being a simple performer to a shining star. That guide nurtured them, told them what’s right from wrong and built them into who they are today. Max Emerging Star believes acknowledges this and hence, brings you some of the best mentors.

But who are they? Who better than successful stars of the industry like, the legend Anupam Kher, India’s dancing guru Terence Lewis and renowned grooming expert Marc Robinson. These talented pundits will give you the golden teachings they learnt over a span of decades. They will be your judge and guide, and take you towards what comes next.

What comes next it totally worth it

Once you have successfully passed through Max Emerging Star, you will embark on the final stages to becoming the success you craved to be, all thanks to the big gratification!

Max Emerging Star will offer National Winnings 3-month acting course at The Actor Prepares – the school for actors and 1-month dance classes at Terence Lewis’ professional training institute.

Here, you will add the icing on the cake for your talent. You will acquire the moves and learn to give a charismatic performance to ace all that lies ahead.

It all begins with Max Emerging Star 

Max Emerging Star will give your talent the right recognition and be with you at every step of the way. It will guide in the best direction to fame and beyond.

Because you may have dreamed big, had a rough road and reached to the best of your abilities, but remember, when it comes to stardom, it all begins with Max Emerging Star.