Tips to ace your city auditions
1st Mar 2017

An audition marks the beginning for every star that has ever made it. Auditioning for a national audition makes it even more difficult. So there are many people, and you have to outshine them. This is the moment when you define who you are. However, what comes before it is equally important, and that’s getting ready. Preparation truly is the key to success.

But we have all heard this before. How should one prepare to ace an audition is really the question. Here’s something to ease you through the process.

Get some sleep

Sleep is crucial, especially few days before your audition. The more you rest the better. It helps your body relax and endure more exertion. You will look more alert and deliver a better. So don’t be a party animal and hit the sack early.

What are you wearing?

Surely you have an outfit that you think will stun the judges, but beware, they will judge you mainly on your talent and the way you present yourself. This is the reason why Max Emerging Star has got some guidelines when it comes to your outfit. Make sure you follow them.

What’s the weather like?

When you audition, makes loads of difference. Max Emerging Star is happening in summer, so it’s going to be hot. Make sure you carry the essentials. Keep water handy and drink as and when you feel like. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you be more active and fresh during the audition. Also, cover up your face and body well, as too much sun can harm you skin.

Make it worth the wait

Plenty of participants means, a long waiting time. Expect breaks from time to time, because even judges need some time off. However, don’t let this time go to waste. Think about how you will present yourself. Recap on your strengths and weaknesses. Rehearse your introduction to make an impact.

Focus, nothing else matters

When you are in line, you are bound to look at people and hear them talk. Don’t start judging yourself right away. If you are afraid remember, fear is common, so relax and just do what you came to do. As our judge Anupam Kher said, “Every person suffers from the fear of failure, but you can change your destiny only when you overcome it”.

So harness that fear and make it a reason to deliver better.

The final countdown

Before you go in front of the judges, make sure you are calm. Breathe and relax. Prepare yourself to just be your self. A last minute touch up to you appearance will help. Remember your goal and ust aim for that.

Just go for it

This is the moment. Everything you have learnt is for this. Take all of that and put it out there and let the judges decide. Don’t think of impressing or falling short, just do what you know and lose yourself in it.

Max Emerging Star is the opportunity you were waiting for, so make the most of it.